About my horse:  His name is Bars, which is short for Sir Barcelone, his registered name. I didn’t pick it.  He’s a Morgan, he’s 14.3 hands tall, which for non-horse people means he’s almost five feet tall as measured at the base of his neck.  We came into each other’s lives when I was 30 and he was 8, so we’ve been together a very long time. As of this writing he has arthritis in his back legs and has recently been diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome, a metabolic condition that affects people, dogs, and horses, but each a little differently.  He is the Elder Statesman at his boarding stable and he absolutely loves little kids.  Bars does not live on property we own, but at a boarding stable.

About me: I am 52, and, while I’ve been around horses most of my life, I didn’t have my own horse until I was nearly 30.  Bars was my second horse, and will likely be my last.  We’ve been through a lot together and learned a lot from each other, as couples often do.  Yes, I’m married, and other animals include a cat and a parrot.